Friday, September 5, 2008

Super busy August 08

The month started with a wonderful visit from Joanna. We ate, shopped, visited Al Johnson's and galleries. The time was way too short.
Peninsula Music Festival with 9 concerts, Tues, Thurs, and Sat. for 3 weeks filled our schedule. Lina, the wife of concertmaster Valentin Zhuk, and I spent a Door County day. They live in Holland but are native of Russia. Their son Sasha also plays violin with the Festival Orchestra.
Sr Irene is one of my favorite poets, so we had a pot luck saying good-bye party for her. Earlier that day Irene had a mishap and sported a black eye and puffed lip.
Twenty Brinks attended a Brewer's Game at County Stadium in Milwaukee. It was a hot clear day. We tail gaited, and watched the game from the way up family section (cheaper seats and no beer served). The Brewers won! We saw the Sausage Race, five persons dressed up as Italian, Bratwurst, Hot dog etc. Don was one of the winners of the family betting pool.
Sharon Rotz came up here to present a workshop for the Trillium Quilt Guild called Log Cabin Quilts with Attitude. She stayed with us and was a most delightful guest.
August has ended and most of the tourists have gone home. Things are quieter.


Anonymous said...

Whew...sounds like fun! Wish we could have come for the Brewers game...thanks for organizing that, Don! What a nice pic of you and Joanna (I could see you after I clicked on the pic). I like seeing the pics along with the text, even though it's not turning out the way you planned it. Actually looks great (and is more than I'm doing!)./Carla

Dan G. said...

We check your Blog often. How about some news or pics of the recent Anniversary Party?
Love Dan