Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Blog

Today is the 9th of July! We are calm now. Just Bobbie and Dan are here. On the 4th we had 17 people here for a cookout. Don Jr. did 2 turkeys in his turkey fryer.
We had to the parade in the morning at Baileys Harbor. It was especially long this year. Fireworks at Gil's Rock were exceptional for a small town. The traffic getting home was horrific!
Geetha and Tom, Missionaries from India, came on Saturday. Bobbie, Sharon, Dan and I helped them solicit funds at the local Churches. We had breakfast at Al Johnson's then they were on their way.
Bobbie and Dan went fishing on Monday and had a good catch. Three huge salmon. They were delicious!
So tonight we go to Peninsula Players and thats good.
More later


Dan G. said...

WOW, Loraine your BLOG is wonderful. So inspiring. Keep up the good work. How about some of your poems?

Bobbie said...

We are having a Great Time! Keep up the blogging it's going to be fun

Anonymous said...

Si...your blog ID fun!
I love mine...Dan set it up for me.
Dan sent pictures of his salmon....I thought it was a great catch.Being the typical fisherman...he more and bigger...haha.
love from Pecos, mary