Friday, July 11, 2008

Missed the Quilt

Went to Washington Island yesterday and then to Rock Island. Steve and Jean Clementi from Racine were on all of the voyages and chatted about St John's, the zoo, etc. Main reason to go to Rock Is was to see the quilt made years ago of the 6 state parks in Door County for the centennial. I was one of the quilters, made the Peninsula Park square. Every two months it moves and now is at Whitefish Dunes. Missed it.

Bobbie has taken to carving and has a Santa finished, Dan turned a terrific bowl on the lathe. Those two are great fun to have around. I made chicken tortilla soup, used Dan's chiles and it was plenty hot for us, he added twice as much.
Don is attending carving classes twice a week, some projects are very good, others questionable, (his words). Next meeting he has to bring goodies, and has volunteered me to make some of the cinnamon rolls, probably the one and only time I make them except for Xmas. He got some thick boards from friend Harvey and will concentrate on bowls in the months ahead.
Bobbie and I bought the same fabric, she in Ely, Minnesota, I here, same taste. I was going to give her a wall hanging made of it, she had the same idea. Just like Carla bought me a book by Jodi Piccoult, and I had the same one for her. Are we telepathic? Linda, how can we duplicate that?
Bye for now Loraine


Bobbie said...

Dan said he would have paid $20.00 for a fly swatter when we were eating lunch on Rock Island. The horse flies were eating him up.

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog!
I know you'll miss Dan and Bobbie.
We miss them too.
HAHAAAAAA...ya'll bought the same book and same fabric...that's creepy and hilarious!!
Mary Poole in Pecos, Texas