Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carla and Federica are visiting and Federica made her first blueberry pie for Grandpa. It was yummy. She also gave us a mini concert on her violin. Carla helped Don clean his workroom and put in his new exhaust system. What did I do? mostly supervise.

A busy week, a shophop on Monday, in case you don't know what that is, you go from quilt shop to quilt shop until the day is done. Poetry on Wed and I have a new one for you. It is for our quilt-poetry exhibit.

Flying Geese

We’re Rick and Gracie flying to Paducah
to visit the American Quilt Museum.
Quilters made us noteworthy, even with
the negative publicity up north.
Just because of our cigar-shaped
leavings, humans shun and shoo us
from our favorite hangouts.

We’ve been together going on
eight years, raised a lot of young ones.
Most have survived the hunter’s blinds.
Mother Goose had a positive impact
on our reputation, but where did
Goosey Goosey Gander come from?
We don’t especially care to be called
part of a gaggle either. We just go
our way, try to avoid harm, and can
expect a few more good years.

Thank you quilters for giving
us an elevated image.

Till next time, Loraine


Dan G. said...

WOW! Nice poem and great picture of Federica.

Bobbie said...

Fun poem. It was fun to see and hear Federica play. She plays well.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I hear that Andy made you a blueberry pie last weekend in Madison...Dad will get super spoiled! Rick and Gracie inspired me to make quilts for L and F's new room...but I'm going for the square look instead of points. /Carla