Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Beautiful Day in Ephraim

Dan's enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Their last day here, and it will be sad to say Good-bye. Went up to Charlene's Gallery where I have three pieces, Turtle Ridge Leather Gallery and of course Tannenbaum Christmas Shop (that's always a favorite.

It's strawberry season and yesterday I made Don (and all of us) a strawberry pie. Last time I made one was in 2006, but when we go to Sarasota that too is strawberry season and we get fabulous strawberry pie. I froze berries for making jam later.

I'm learning to take pictures, upload them to the computer, put them on this blog, and manage our website. Seems easy when Dan and Bobbie are around. I took lots of notes, but I know I'll have to yell for help.

Until next time Loraine


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, you should have more pictures of those guys from Texas!!

Bobbie said...

The pie was great! You can yell for help anytime. Love the picture of Dan napping

Anonymous said...

I love the picture!....Rosie J.